30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet

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There Are No Quick Fixes

In a small pan toast cardamom pods, ginger, cinnamon, star anise and fennel seeds.

Transfer to blender or mortar and pestle and smash or whizz until pieces are chunky. Place all ingredients in a bowl and stir in vanilla and honey to coat. Keep in airtight container- I usually store mine in the fridge. Place 3 TBS of chai and 2 cups of boiled water in a small saucepan. Bring to the boil then turn down to simmer.

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Turn off heat and let steep for 5 minutes allowing the flavours to mingle. Before I spill the beans, there are some key factors about the colon and detoxification that you need to know. There are three critical organs that help filter and clean up the body: the liver, the kidneys and the colon. The liver is our first line of defence, the kidneys help filter our blood and the colon helps remove toxic waste. To help with waste removal and to ensure we have energy, we need to keep the colon in good shape!

If your colon is burdened by the junk of digestion in your trunk, you may experience symptoms of a sluggish colon including constipation, bladder infections, bad breath, body odour, digestive pain and cramping, acne, brain fog, fatigue and allergies. If you're struggling with any of these symptoms above, eating a wholefoods diet high in lacto-fermenting bacteria and prebiotic fibre is your go-to! These foods help break through and clean out toxins, rebuild your gut flora and nourish your colon.

If you want more specifics, there are various colon-friendly foods that you can wrap your head around. Keep this list on the fridge, or maybe on your phone, and keep your colon thriving without taking any drastic measures. Clean up your colon with cloves and black pepper — this helps break down the biofilm that occurs in the colon and causes waste. Apple cider vinegar helps strip out important minerals to keep the biofilm matrix surviving.

I love adding Apple Cider Vinegar to stocks and soups! Try it in the recipe below. Wholefood probiotics such as coconut yoghurt, fermented vegetables and sauerkraut can help quickly rebuild gut microbes which in turn, will resynthesise nutrients from food, degrade toxins and provide energy to the cells lining the colon. Try my Fermented Vegetables here. Foods high in plant-based fibre such as flaxseeds or linseeds, psyllium husk and oats can help sweep out the colon, naturally aid your detoxification and increase your bowel movements.

We all know dark leafy greens are good for you, but why? Or why not try my Greened Up Shakshuka here. How can I speak about colon health without a little sprinkle of magic? My Love Your Gut powder , made of diatomaceous earth, naturally lessens the build-up of waste in the colon and removes heavy metals. It can also sweep out toxins, pathogenic bacteria and parasites from the body. I suggest having 1 teaspoon daily initially and working your way up. If you travel a lot or are short on time you can also try our new Love Your Gut capsules here.

What are MCTs?

Hydration hydration hydration! Not only does drinking water help your energy levels, it also keeps your cells happy and your gut hydrated and cleansed. Adding broths and stocks is an extra insurance policy to ensure that your body is being flooded with easy-to-digest nutrients! You can find the recipe here. Initially, it may seem crazy to attempt to make Halloween sustainable however, there are simple things that all of us can do to transform your night from hallo-ween to hallo-green.

Long Island Herald. When it comes to decorating your house, there are easy ways to make it a more environmentally friendly process. You can bake pumpkin seeds in the oven with spices or, create pumpkin soup with the inside — get creative! Or make these scrumptious breakfast bars. Some compostable Halloween items include pumpkins, hay leaves and branches.

One of my favourite parts about Halloween are the costumes. Always opt for vintage and re-usable where possible. And yes, I am recycling an image from :. Those annoying bloggers with their expensive avocado recipes! I love getting thrifty and recycling old costumes with things I already have. Or go gender neutral as a bank robber in black pants and a black tee, it suits any boy or ghoul, just add black eye makeup as a mask because Draaama! With the right make-up or face paint, you can really take a look to the next level.

When I'm doing a wardrobe clean-out, I always ensure I keep some old clothes that can be reused for costume parties too! If you do want to look a bit more grandeur, consider cutting the costs and renting a costume from a local party shop. If your kids are going hunting for the goods, give them reusable bags, such as canvas bags or buckets, instead of plastic pumpkins. If they come home with more candy that they can chew sadly, this is usually impossible, but we can dream , donate it to a local kitchen. Alternatively, use it in baking — try sprinkling some on top of Golden Gut Nice Cream or adding it to my Chocolate Fudge.

You can even make your own treats and put them in cute recyclable packages — such as my Turmeric Tummy Gummies or Strawberry and Chia Roll Ups. Avoid disposable cups, plates and cutlery. Rather, choose biodegradable or glass. I know it sounds super simple, but honestly this mash with ghoul busting garlic, nut butter and lemon is the yummiest mash I've ever eaten. Or try these tried and tested tricky treats My Raspberry Studded Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Porridge.

9 Foods to Supercharge Your Brain

Lamb and Pumpkin Salad. Oven-Roasted Pumpkin Chips. This chunky Root Veg Mash from my gut-supercharging and life-altering book, Supercharge Your Gut , is a great side to any mains. This delicious vegie mash is suitable for vegans, but you can also replace the vegetable broth with the Gut Healing Turmeric Chicken Broth for some extra gut love. Peel the carrots, parsnips, pumpkin and sweet potato, if you prefer, then roughly chop. Place in a large bowl with the leek and season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Drizzle the olive oil over and rub it in with your hands, until the vegetables are well coated.

8 Superfoods That Will Give You More Energy Right Now

Spread the vegetables on the baking tray, add the garlic clove and bake for 35—45 minutes, or until all the vegetables are roasted and caramelised, checking now and then and removing the vegetables as they are cooked. Slip the garlic out of its skin, into a high-speed blender. Whiz until you achieve a mash-like consistency, adding more broth if required. Alternatively, for a coarser texture, you can mash the mixture together with a fork. If you've wondered near and far for a suitable way of eating but you tend to find yourself swinging from one popular diet to another, then this post might help?

When there are just too many diets to choose from, it may seem like it's the time to just throw in the towel, stop trying to be healthier altogether and grab a piece of chocolate cake. I'm here to tell you that it is possible to eat a healthy balanced diet and you shouldn't throw the towel in just yet! I'd love to de-bunk some myths about a few of the popular diets going round, so you can figure out what works best for you.

10 Tips to Supercharge Your Metabolism - JJ Virgin

Basically it's all about letting let go of rules! The everyday act of consuming food should never bring you a feeling of captivity or worry. In a supercharged life, food is to be enjoyed and savoured. The one thing we can all agree on is that eating plant foods is really good.

HEALTHY EATING HACKS » + printable guide

I like to ensure that plant foods — such as nuts, seeds, fruits, grains, vegetables, herbs and spices — make up the majority of my diet, with the greatest emphasis on seasonal vegetables and especially greens. I still enjoy animal products but in smaller quantities. For great recipes consider reading my book Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian.

Supercharge Your Body with the Power of Paleo Diet Foods

Eating is all about balance. Eat Yourself Beautiful is based on an anti-inflammatory style of eating. This is the engine room. Our bodies function best when we eat foods that support the healing of our gut lining. Smoothies, soups and gelatinous homemade broth-based meals are wonderful. Munch mindfully, eat slowly and think about what you are eating and how it will nourish you.

Eggplant Bharta and Indian Dosas. From there you can learn a host of lifestyle choices that best suit your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs.

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In Ayurvedic philosophies, the sense of taste is a natural roadmap directing us towards good nutrition and characterised by six individual tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and pungent. Basically, letting go of a rule- bound approach to eating will bring you a sense of freedom, but still allow you to commit to food choices that equate to vibrant health and longevity — and a life fully lived. Unplug, turn off the TV, sit at the table, use proper dinnerware, eat with friends and family, and give thanks. Tune in to all your senses and pay attention to enjoying and savouring each glorious mouthful.

Eat slowly and not on the run.

30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet 30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet
30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet 30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet
30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet 30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet
30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet 30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet
30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet 30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet
30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet 30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet
30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet 30 Ways to Supercharge Your Diet

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