Christine & Alexandra: One Love, One Lifetime

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Immortality of the soul is a prerequisite for life and death to be of value. God has recommended virtue. The path of virtue should be followed for its own sake, but there should be no expectation of individuals rewarding virtue with gratitude for the kindnesses they have received. It would seem that for a large part of her life Christina applauded the Stoic teachings on virtue, and was in no doubt that humankind could live up to this doctrine of righteousness. Stoic virtue is to live and act according to nature.

It would only seem reasonable to assume — as was earlier the case — that Christina abandoned Stoicism, which lost influence in Europe over the course of the century.

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Towards the end of her life she adopted a Quietist approach to religion, which, with its emphasis on human impotence, was not particularly compatible with the Stoic doctrine of virtue. Quietism from Latin quies : quiet, rest is a form of mysticism that emphasises the expurgation of all desire from human will. The leading figure of the movement, the Spanish priest Miguel de Molinos, was very close to Christina. In he was convicted of heresy.

They are particularly gifted by nature and not even their faults are any impediment to their greatness:.

All I Ask of You (Christine&Raoul)

Christina considered herself to be in this category. On the one hand, she thinks that humankind can and should improve itself and make progress; on the other hand, she sees humankind as impotent, corrupt and fundamentally ignorant. Once she tackles the writing of history — her own and that of the Vasa lineage — other contradictions emerge. The autobiography — written in — was never completed, and the extant torso consists of nine chapters in which we can read about the geography and history of Sweden, the lives of the Vasa kings, and the young Christina.

And that is as far as the by and large chronologically arranged text goes; we search in vain for an account of that which is of greatest interest to posterity: her abdication and religious conversion. In the prelude to the autobiography — a dedication of the work to God — the text echos the Quietist prayer issuing from the impotence and vanity of humankind when compared with the omnipotence and glory of God.

Diverse interpretations of the individual and the life are attached to these diverse discourses, and in the conflict between interpretative models we perceive something that the writer has not overtly expressed. To begin with, the autobiography gives a picture of an individual apparently split into two people. Swedish people, conqueror of Rome. Unknown: Dronning Christinas indtog i Rom , This division in the text does not apply exclusively to its topics and manner of presentation.

It also applies to diametrically different ways of perceiving humankind and history. These two interpretative models sometimes come into conflict in the text. Legitimacy was of extreme importance to Christina, as can be seen by, for example, the many revisions she made in her telling of the history of the Vasa kings. In one of the extant versions, she solved the conflict by referring to fortune or fate.

Everyone knows that when fortune or fate elevates people, their family tree grows like a mushroom.

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The fall is the fact that the lineage now, this being , rules neither in Poland nor in Sweden. His eyes are ghastly beads in which there is no light - like holes in a grinning skull! His face is like leprous parchment, yellow skin strung tight over protruding bones! His nose - there is no nose! Spotted on comixology : gestaltcomics Eldritch Kid:Bone War chapters or complete graphic novel I scribbled, along with writer Christian Read, colourist Justin Randall and editor Wolfgang Bylsma now available to download, as well as the first couple of issues of frewpublications Kid Phantom comics I also scribbled, alongside writers Gabriel Henriquez, Andrew Constant and editor Glenn Ford.

Und der glitzernde lila Hirsch zieht wieder in die Toilette ein. Aber das ist eine andere Geschichte. Liebe Karin, lieber Dieter, alles Liebe und Gute da oben. Hoffentlich ist es noch nicht langweilig. Wir vermissen euch! Was sie auf dem Bild sehen ist mein roter Faden durch die Feiertage.

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Where hinges creak in doorless chambers. Where strange and frightening sounds echo trough the halls. When ever I read about this part of the book I see Raoul crying on the floor. A necessary evil.

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Christine & Alexandra: One Love, One Lifetime Christine & Alexandra: One Love, One Lifetime
Christine & Alexandra: One Love, One Lifetime Christine & Alexandra: One Love, One Lifetime
Christine & Alexandra: One Love, One Lifetime Christine & Alexandra: One Love, One Lifetime
Christine & Alexandra: One Love, One Lifetime Christine & Alexandra: One Love, One Lifetime
Christine & Alexandra: One Love, One Lifetime Christine & Alexandra: One Love, One Lifetime

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