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Based on the children's book by K. One Weekend. One Dark Secret. Ankou by Anica Moore symple Short - After hearing a story of an old Breton folklore about the Ankou, three drunken men come face to face with the doctor of death, taunting, teasing and throwing stones at the stranger, breaking his old cart. Feeling bad for what his drinking buddies done to the strangers old rickety cart, Fenley kindly fixes it. But before he finished his fix, the Ankou's banshee-like screams warns of certain death for the bullies.

With a brush of the Ankou's cloak, the Fenley was spared for his kind deed but cursed with snow white and never to speak a word again. The others were not so lucky. Anna by Timothy Acosta Short, Drama - Two best friends become distant after their parents infidelity comes to light. Anna by Cameron Dueker CameronD writing as????

Short, Thriller - For a young girl, everything changes in ten minutes. Can this Senator get past family, checkered history, doubters, and a growing conscience to maneuver for the highest office? Annabelle by Sheikh Jallow Drama - Enslaved in a misogynistic Southern society, an enslaved woman must do whatever she can to survive.

How far will she go? Annabelle by Allan Groves Short - A conformed man, repressed by societal norms, is haunted by a mysterious stranger determined to kill him, and steal away the woman of his dreams. Annie Young's Journey by Patrice Thomas Western - Annie, a young black widow, joins a wagon train headed west to claim the acres of land purchased by her late husband.

When she arrives, she's faced with a banker's bigotry as an unexpected ally, and a new love she never saw coming. Anniversary by Martin Lancaster Dr. Mabuse Short, Action - There's only one way to make a clean break.

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Super short, dark thriller rtf - Discuss this script. She finally finds one with high pay, but first, she has to talk to her husband. Discuss this script. Another Saturday Night by Alan Lowe Play, Musical - Set mainly in a Singles Bar it is the story of a young couple who meet again after many years, a widow who is befriended by a lothario a couple who are ready to divorce and a couple who are both looking for love.

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It has popular songs not newly written ones. Answer, The by Will J. Wheeler Short - An adverage saturday morning turns wry, after a mysterious phonecall saves Sam's life. Answered Prayers by Thimmy Bagfelt Short, Drama - Sarah thinks her prayers are answered by God, but the devil deceives her, with disastrous consequences. Answers by Simon K. Parker skp Short, Horror - Working for a local well known gangster Til is used to getting answers from men who normally wouldn't talk. But the arrival of a new suspect will change everything and Til's poorly lived life will now catch up to him.

Antagonist by Brandon Saunders Drama, Crime - Three small time mobsters take it into their own hands when it comes time to exterminate a threat. These short scripts are a bizarre and twisted look into a strange world where coincidence is lethal, dreams are deadly and when it rains, nothing gets wet.

Anthropology by Anton Pisotskiy Action, Adventure - A young woman anthropologist ventures to Brazil to find traces of her missing father and makes some life-threatening discoveries.


His curiosity takes over as he attempts to learn about the life of a mysterious old man living on the hillside outside of the town. The old man carries a secret that even Nathan would be unwilling to uncover it, if he'd know in advance Unfortunately, she loses his phone number and from this time on his life turns into a constant attempt to find the girl. They both lead ordinary life - working, having fun with their friends and dating - without knowing that their soulmate lives right across the street. Wells Short, Drama, Apocalypse - When a deadly virus threatens to wipe out the human race, the only hope to stop it rests in the hands of a suicidal scientist.

Now the offspring of that Beast has waged war on the Vatican and all of mankind, and it starts here in the U S! Anxiety by Simon Parker Short, Sci Fi, Fantasy - Feeling almost invisible, a young boy is able to write whatever he likes on his hands and face and it always goes unseen by the rest of the world. That is until he meets a young girl who can see it all.

He writes nasty and abusive words, but she believes what he writes has an unseen effect on those around him. Instead of being negative, try been positive for a change. Any Given Day: Chapter 1: The Phone Call by Matt Layden theusualsuspect Series, Short - The Phone Call is the first chapter in a series of shorts that detail the lives of several people and how they all connect on one fatefull day that changes thier lives forever.

After an inncident happens with their police car, they get a call about the accident that Robert had witnessed. Now one must deal with the incident with the car, while the other must go to the accident with Robert.

GODZILLA Unmade: The History of Jan De Bont’s Unproduced TriStar Film – Part 1 of 4

His daughter has a school play tonight and greg promises to be there. Unfortunately his work load is too much and me has to miss it. But at the last second his decided to go to the play and races in his car to get to the school, only fate has something else in store for him. Unfortunately, Ben Flanagan and his crew don't have any of these.

Along with his group of mischievous middle schoolers, Ben and company will compete against all odds to make a movie for the San Francisco Junior Film Festival and beat out their arch rivals for the ultimate prize! Anyone There? Duthin Short - A lost man enters a mysterious house. Anything For Love by George Willson Short - When Ralph's wife shows him something she really wants, he decides to go to great lengths to get it.

Anytime Baby by George Drivakos Short, Drama - A heroic grandmother with only a few months to live takes matters into her own hands to save her grandson's life. Anyway But Dead by Daniel Alexander and Frank Guido bangrangproductions Action, Adventure - Two corrupt cops are marked for death after stealing five million dollars belonging to a vicious crime lord.

Jerry Bruckheimer acquired the rights to the novel in Since then a host of writers have tried to adapt the book without success. Fresh out of Film School I thought I'd take a whack at it. It took me about four months to complete.

This is the end result. The Apartment by Brandi Self Short, Thriller - A technology obsessed couple show up to their sublet in a new city, but soon notice that something about the apartment is terribly off - putting. Apartment 13 by Vicente Remo Thriller - Without the use of bars or chains, a young woman is trapped within an apartment full of cameras only to find herself fighting for her life through the maze of deceit.

Apex by Nathan Hill Short, Action, Adventure - In a post-apocalyptic world, the bulldog makes ends meet after a serious encounter. Part 1 of a short film series. Genius geeks start these same tumbleweeds rolling with a new purpose today.

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They'll entangle the President, the Lake Elsie Monster, Buckyballs, a foot thigh of Athena and a pair of heavenly bodies. Aping Edwin Porter by J. Whetstone Short, Comedy - Four aspiring filmmakers need an original movie idea for their first production. They lament the lack of original movies in Hollywood, but their dialogue is peppered with close to 50 old movie lines.

Not just a jab at Hollywood, but a celebration of the movies we love.

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The Apocalypticians by David Sternfeld Action, Adventure - When two alien empires attempt to destroy all life on Earth, can the Apocalypticians save the planet? Apocrypha by Mishelle Wendel Thriller - When Jonas Montgomery wakes up three hours after his execution by lethal injection, Special Investigator Emma Landry probes an exorcism the Church claims never happened. Appalachia by Jonathan Terry Short - Sam Jenkins, a simple farmer fighting to produce a crop when winter hits his town early, faces a spreading epidemic that threatens not only his farm, but the fate of his entire family.

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Apple by Chris Ray kip writing as: June Stahl Short, Drama - When a boy learns something about the humble apple, he wonders if it could change his life for the better. The Apple and The Tree by Christopher Lawrence YaBoyTopher Drama - A father and son who are struggling financially descend into a life of crime, all while a young drug lord tries to clean up his life without disappointing his father.

The Apple Tree by Steven Clark Short, Drama, Supernatural - While performing community service, a troubled man finds something he never expected -- hope. Ararat by Jack Wibbe Drama - In , a group of scrawny Holocaust orphans dodges German and Russian patrols, and stumbles upon an understaffed refugee camp. They take over the camp and find unique ways to grow, to fall in love, to overcome trauma, and to heal.

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  • La guía definitiva - Entrenar con pesas para triatlón (Spanish Edition).
  • God Doesnt; We Do: Only Humans Can Solve Human Challenges.
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  • The Telepathists (Telepathy Series Book 2).

Araucaria by Martin Lancaster Dr. Mabuse Short, Thriller, Suspense - A detective races to decipher a cryptic message left by a serial bomber. He soon realizes that the message reveals not the killer's identity, but the identity oof his next victim. Written as an entry to the NYCMidnight screenplay contest. And she's ready, ready to fight..

Series, Sci Fi, Fantasy - A rescue ship is lost in deep space and then trapped in the middle of an alien war. The crews only chance of returning to Earth rests with a deceitful passenger and his mysterious cargo. Arctic Tundra Troubles by Alex J. Cooper Short - Three strange men stuck in a cave out in the arctic tundra. Much fun and craziness to be had! Are You Afraid of the Dark? Are You Okay? Arkham by Aaron Guzzo scuzzos Horror - When Walter Gilman moves to Arkham, Massachusetts to attend the esteemed Miskatonic University, he finds himself caught up in the sinister forces that pull the strings in this town, which the rest of the world ignores.

As he learns dark secrets about the town's past, he learns a few about his own. Based on the works of H.

howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays) Howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays)
howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays) Howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays)
howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays) Howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays)
howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays) Howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays)
howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays) Howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays)
howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays) Howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays)
howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays) Howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays)

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