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The Disaster Of The World War I

New Topic Search Advanced search. What kind of questions will be answered? How can I find the music of Missing years of history. Petra video? Survivors series part Who are the brain police?

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Tenth Anniversary Edition)

Can you tell me what map this is from a recent video? Stone doors.

Adronis - The Ancient Races

Petrified wood and metal? Artifacts of old civilisation could still exist in plenty?

How humans might outlive Earth, the sun...and even the universe

Is Atlantis still here? Additionally, only the study led by Benneke provides evidence of a liquid water cloud deck in the atmosphere of the exoplanet. But, while they are not identical, both studies use data collected by Benneke's team and draw at least one major overlapping conclusion: that water vapor exists in this exoplanet's atmosphere. Peer-review is a process in which a study is evaluated by scientists in a similar field to ensure it meets a publication's standards for research.

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For example, Nature's peer-review process is detailed here. The pre-print study on arXiv. The London-based team, which published their work Wednesday Sept.

Zatanna Zatara (New Earth)

The London team detailed their study with reporters during a news conference on Tuesday under a media embargo. In that arrangement, reporters agree to publish news stories at a certain time in return for a sneak peek at the research.

The system is designed to give reporters the lead time necessary for more thorough and accurate coverage of high-profile studies. You can see the Nature Astronomy study here. In , NASA's Kepler Space Telescope discovered the exoplanet Kb , a strange exoplanet about twice the size of Earth and eight times as massive that lies in the habitable zone of its star, light-years from Earth.

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Soon after, Benneke put in a request to observe the planet with the Hubble Space Telescope and find evidence of a liquid water cloud deck on the exoplanet, he told Space. Time with Hubble and other major telescopes and observatories is precious and is awarded to specific projects after researchers submit thorough proposals.

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  4. During some proposal cycles, Hubble receives five times the number of requests that it can grant. Benneke's team found evidence of water vapor in Kb's atmosphere with these observations some time ago, Benneke said. The team then continued to analyze the data to find evidence of liquid water clouds, which they did. Benneke's team observed the exoplanet transiting in front of its stellar parent, a red dwarf star, from through They then spent the next year analyzing this data to come to the complex conclusions detailed in their piece. During that time, the UCL researchers used this data and performed similar analyses and, like Benneke's team, detected water vapor in the exoplanet's atmosphere.

    However, Benneke's paper includes additional details about the planet itself and provides evidence for liquid water clouds, and possibly even rain. The PI would have designed and competed for the Hubble observations.

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    Additionally, he added, the fact that the London-based team also detected water vapor, "it's not a surprise because, effectively, our team did a very good job and these observations, they were all executed very well by NASA and the space telescope … it doesn't require too much from another team … to just take the data and analyze them the same way. In part, this is good, he continued, in that it shows that two teams "have looked at the data and demonstrated both independently that there is the signature of water absorption on this planet.

    But, Benneke said, "I'm not very excited at the fact that they just took our data … they didn't contact me at all about this.

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    8. In short, Benneke and team thought they were on track to a unique discovery, only to find their data had helped another team reach a similar, overlapping, conclusion.

      Last Race: New Earth Last Race: New Earth
      Last Race: New Earth Last Race: New Earth
      Last Race: New Earth Last Race: New Earth
      Last Race: New Earth Last Race: New Earth
      Last Race: New Earth Last Race: New Earth

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