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It took only a few words, but her words cut him deep, Stealing emotions, making him weak. If I were a Rose painted black, would you cast me aside like blackened, burnt rice?

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Would my color tarnish my sweet smell? This was a very true poem!

I love the meaning, and it really brings out the idea of discrimination by color and how bad it is. I love it! I am one of many Small branches of a broken tree, Always looking to the ones above For guidance, strength and security. Read Complete Poem.

I was really moved by this poem. I have felt this way for many years when it comes to my mom and stepdad. In a crazy way, this poem gave me strength and motivation. I just want to thank you Read complete story.

Love is a walk in the rain at night, Two hands holding onto each other tight; Love is honey on a pair of lips, Onto a tender heart it drips;. I honestly really like both of the poems you have written. They are beautiful and have such meaning behind them, so much that every sentence strikes my heart and seeps into my soul. Like a gentle wave, you swayed against my ship. With a gentle breeze, you guided me forward. Every one of them, solitaries in clean shirts, smoking, checking mirrors to see if their reflections were still there, wore dark glasses.

Save the planet?

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What a joke. Save the planet from what? From ourselves? And save it for what? For ourselves? It was a kind of perpetual stupidity in a tug-of-war battle over trivial matters. Only imbeciles see things in black and white: liberal or conservative, yes or no, this or that. Those in power laugh at those people in their morally inverted shades of grey, basking in the labels they've created so the people are easier to control.

Most of the information she gathered was considered an old fairy tale by the general public. There were a few stories here and there about people angered by their present living conditions, who had demanded that the center of Constance be held responsible for it. However, information was never passed between the five different sectors.

It had been a long time since she had run at a full sprint. She was, quite literally, running for her life, and leaving everything she had known before behind. Regardless of her past experiences, here she was, blindly following a girl, who was virtually a stranger, because she had promised to lead Eleanor to safety. I tried so hard to be the perfect one, To be the one that she wanted. Fallen Angel. I am a fallen angel, Darkness is my garment, And fury is my weapon.

I was once wreathed in light, And I did the bidding of my master.

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Move On. Darkness is around me, I am hidden from the light, The life that I strive to live in. There was once a Bright Star, It penetrated the dark.

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Lost Twice. It happened twice. I let myself believe. I thought that I might matter. I loved and lost, And was broken eternally. This is Me. They say my writing is expansive It's alot to say When been through a life of tragedy And empty space The thoughts in my head you can never see Cause your never me Sometimes tears fall on these pages. Do you know the pain? What I'm suffering now Do you know how my head spins? When I'm constantly thinking about you Do you know the love? I have poured on you Do you know the stuggle? From My Window.

You watched me from my window and took out your anger on my body with your eyes. He shook me furiously and the thunder shook the house surrounding my fragile skeleton. They see reaching arms. Pain and Me. I can feel the pain sucking marrow from my bone leaving a blinding headache behind wishing for the pain to stop Yearning for the ache to fade Hoping for a moment of bliss To come and wrap me in a hug.

World of Dreams. Fear is Not to Be Run From. A tight emptiness in my throat A quick consideration of options but endlessly told to say nothing Youth does not hide the terror in trying or the knife swallowed as i do nothing. Scarlet Ribbons. Someone Save Me. Someone save me from this pain, It keeps me trapped inside my brain.

Pay attention to the sunlight, the sunlight is the most warm, visible radiation of all. Down, down into the darkness it goes- the hot, the tender, the close. Her face is broken with tears, Her heart is shattered with grief. Holding no sympathy, his face was blank. His heart is cold and dark. Love destroyed them,.

Letters bleeding bodily into blank sheets Whispering wildly in her mind Flowing creatively through the ink Mind forgetting the outside world Only imagining the one within Wishing wholeheartedly to go. Holes In Souls. It always seems like something's missingFrom my hollow lifeAnd I appreciate the kissingBut there's a hole insideI'm looking for the thing to fill itThe missing fucking pieceSomething has to fit. Common Pain.

A Voice. Fear, Find the ones that you hold dear. Fear, Keep them safe for I am near. Fear, You are the useless broken seer. Where are My Angels? These demons always plague me, They keep me in constant torment. Where could the angels be? The demons only get riled,. Everyone has demons, But mine are different. They feed on my pain, And play with my sanity. They jump from shoulder to shoulder,. Every time I close my eyes, A star explodes inside my mind. This exploding star,.

Poetic Shades of Life 3 Poetic Shades of Life 3
Poetic Shades of Life 3 Poetic Shades of Life 3
Poetic Shades of Life 3 Poetic Shades of Life 3
Poetic Shades of Life 3 Poetic Shades of Life 3
Poetic Shades of Life 3 Poetic Shades of Life 3
Poetic Shades of Life 3 Poetic Shades of Life 3

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