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Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

Century-after-century, he must live under a curse by both the Goddess of Love and God of War to live without love, honor, or glory until the end of time. Together, he and Dee run an eBay business and live in a rundown apartment in DC. Thanks to internet anonymity, Sipho is a blogger and podcaster on the dark web in his free time.

Responsibility for Mac then passed on to Amanda because golems that exist without a purpose eventually fall into psychosis. His quiet presence often cows her opponents before the situation comes to blows. His silence also happens to reveal his greatest weakness. He must always carry a shem in his mouth, a piece of paper with the Hebrew name of God written on it and the animating object that grants him life.

Without it, Mac melts into a lifeless pile of clay. One of the most notoriously evil organizations in the Marvel universe is the ninja clan known as The Hand. One of their greatest assassins, Elektra, has a long history of murdering people and fighting heroes such as Daredevil. Over time, however, Elektra and Matt Murdock began to get to know each other and soon the two combatants fell in love.

Falling under the influence of his strong moral code, Elektra eventually abandoned her life of evil and decided to instead use her gifts to do the world some good. Essentially serving as Cap's teenage sidekick, the two soldiers went on many dangerous missions together that played a key role in defeating the Nazi's.

19. T-1000

On the last of these missions, it appeared that Bucky had died, leaving Cap devastated. It wasn't until many decades later that it was revealed Bucky was indeed alive. Captured by the Soviets and suffering from amnesia, Bucky was turned into the Winter Soldier. Later working as an assassin, the Winter Soldier became one of Captain America's greatest enemies.

Spider-Man has one of, if not the, greatest rogues galleries in all of comics. Among his many great villains, three stand out as possible arch-nemesis' for the popular hero. Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Venom. Perhaps the most dangerous of the three, Venom was driven by a desire to get revenge on both Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

Later in his career, Spider-Man was able to convince Venom to squash their beef so they could team up to stop a greater threat: Carnage. Although it took many more adventures, eventually Spider-Man and Venom became allies Venom then became the Lethal Protector, adopting a Punisher-type code of protecting the weak by killing criminals. While the mainstream universe's Reed Richards is one of the greatest heroes to ever live, his Ultimate universe counterpart is not so benevolent. After the events of Secret Wars, the entire Ultimate universe had been destroyed.

Only a few characters survived and made their way into the mainstream universe, and one of them was Ultimate Reed Richards. Now going by the Maker, this alternate version of Reed is determined to advance his knowledge by conducting horrible experiments. Upon arriving in the mainstream Marvel world, the Maker creates an organization known as W. Magneto has gone back and forth from villain to hero and back to villain agai n.

Sometimes it's hard to tell exactly where his allegiances lie. During the first of these many turns, Magneto actually turned himself in having felt guilt for his many crimes. After the X-Men's leader Professor X was incapacitated by a surprise attack, he asks his former enemy to lead the X-Men in his place.

Such trust that Charles placed in his longtime arch-enemy proved that Magneto had truly changed and could be trusted. Although he would eventually become a villain once again, he made quite an effective hero during this time. Scarlet Witch was briefly a villain but then joined the Avengers quite early in her career.

The more notable switch came later when the powerful mutant went mad.

20. Michael Myers

During the events of Avengers: Disassembled , Scarlet Witch used her incredible reality-altering powers to kill many Avengers and essentially break up the team. The combined efforts of many of Earth's greatest heroes were able to stop her and undo some of the damage she had done. Nevertheless, Scarlet Witch's actions have had repercussions that have lasted to this day.

Now one of Marvel's most popular superheroes, what most new fans of Deadpool may not know is that he was originally a villain. Coming into conflict with the New Mutants, Deadpool's first appearance showed him as a new enemy of the mutant team. As time went on, Deadpool would eventually reject his murderous ways and seek to become a hero. Although not a very successful one, as Deadpool went on he began to show that underneath his psychotic outer shell is a very lovable, goofy hero that just wants to do the right thing.

Undoubtedly the greatest hero turn of all time, the Dark Pheonix Saga has long been lauded as the greatest X-Men story of all time. When X-Man Jean Grey became possessed by a powerful cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force, she gained untold power.

The force slowly began corrupting her however, and eventually led her to murder countless innocents. But Kylo Ren, so well played by Adam Driver, has become so much more complicated than his initial, mocked emo baddie stance might have suggested.

Superheroes And Villains Who Are Mentally Ill | ScreenRant

In just two short films, he's evolved into a driven, deadly character who knows his path and will do anything to achieve victory. Sure, Vader blew up planets, choked the living snot out of enemies and struck down Obi-Wan, but Kylo "Ben Solo" Ren murdered his own dad in cold blood. But SS Colonel Hans Landa was entirely different: verbose; culturally high-minded; multilingual; unrepentant in his love of strudel. He finds the ideal and Oscar-winning vessel in Christoph Waltz, whose fizzy ebullience and intellect make him ideal to speak Tarantino dialogue. Buy Inglourious Basterds now on Amazon.

There will not be a four. A cultured, conniving villain who could improvise and change the situation even when his original plan was compromised by a pesky, barefoot NYPD cop Bruce Willis' John McClane , Gruber sears himself into cine-history. It doesn't hurt that he was given some truly memorable dialogue by writers Jeb Stuart and Steven E. His delivery is precise, belaying his theatrical training, and just gives more weight to everything Hans says.

And all great villains need a noble defeat; few get to fall the way Gruber goes.

The Top 10 Psychopathic Action Film Villains

Buy Die Hard now on Amazon. Even in the MCU, a place overflowing with memorable, witty heroes, there's a chance for a villain to make more of an impact. So it was with Tom Hiddleston's bitter, scheming adopted child of Asgard; Odinson by accident instead of birth. He was great in the original Thor , brightened up moments of The Dark World no end, but truly shined in the hands of Joss Whedon for Avengers Assemble. Both Hiddleston and Loki's cinematic creators understood the power of the classic scheming "British" — he's from another realm, don't forget — villain and with Whedon he got to shine comedically as well.

The punchlines worked, his comeuppance "puny god" was fun and he comes bearing a proper backstory and character arc that stayed entertaining even in the joke-packed Thor: Ragnarok.

Buy Thor now on Amazon. From his comicbook roots as a maniac, through the campy incarnation brought to movie and TV screens by Cesar Romero, The Joker was always a figure of fun shout out also to Mark Hamill's cartoon take.

Top 10 Evil Anime Protagonists

Tim Burton and Jack Nicholson found some darker shades in the big-screen re-invention, but it's not hard to argue that Chris Nolan and Heath Ledger found the perfect form for the character when he entered the more grounded film universe in The Dark Knight in Ledger's Joker is a thing of ugly beauty, a man who will do anything to achieve his aims and, to paraphrase the words of Michael Caine's Alfred, just wants to watch the world burn.

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Psychotic (Heroes & Villains) Psychotic (Heroes & Villains)
Psychotic (Heroes & Villains) Psychotic (Heroes & Villains)
Psychotic (Heroes & Villains) Psychotic (Heroes & Villains)
Psychotic (Heroes & Villains) Psychotic (Heroes & Villains)
Psychotic (Heroes & Villains) Psychotic (Heroes & Villains)
Psychotic (Heroes & Villains) Psychotic (Heroes & Villains)
Psychotic (Heroes & Villains) Psychotic (Heroes & Villains)
Psychotic (Heroes & Villains) Psychotic (Heroes & Villains)

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