Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3)

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1. Early Feminist Contributions to American Pragmatism

In reading her novels, The Roux in the Gumbo and the sequels, Street Life to Housewife part one and two she does not hold back on describing her life. She speaks at churches and shelters sharing her testimony and lifting them up. She says that everytime someone reads her books they bring her ancestors back to life. She is an award winning author and has made the Dallas Best Sellers list. She says today Dallas, tomorrow the world. She also works as a freelance writer, editor, photographer, and videographer in Austin, TX.

George Vance McGee has lived a rich life which has lead him to write two books that help guide people to live a more balance life. Along with a redemptive theme, all her stories include Texas settings and dogs. She loves time with family, friends, and other creative souls and hosts a variety of gatherings in her Hill Country home. He is also a two-time winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. A former international geologist and Vietnam veteran, he lives with his wife, Lynne, in Austin, Texas. I was born in Beaumont, Texas in and except for a brief stay in Austin, I have lived in Beaumont my entire life.

I have always been interested in fantasy and science fiction, but more than just being about artists and characters, I became fascinated with the process of creating stories. I attended Lamar University in Beaumont but fizzled out and never graduated. Charlotte Reagan is a 23 years old; born, raised, and currently residing in a small town in Texas with my cat. I've been writing pretty much all my life, even when I was too young to know how to put my stories down on paper.

Once I started I couldn't seem to stop! I still have boxes of old notebooks filled with ideas and plots that I never finished. I hope to have lighthearted stories that bring about hope, laughter, and maybe even a few tears. I can usually be found with my laptop or off traveling somewhere! To learn more about Texas Authors, Inc.

His talent as an author was nurtured by a dedicated educator but did not manifest itself until he had accumulated a depth of life experiences. Jim has an MBA and is a longtime musician who developed his chops in Motown. He is an avid car enthusiast and enjoys the company of Janice, his editor and wife of over 40 years. After a successful career in real estate, N.

Brown retired and began pursuing her passion for writing. Being a native Texan, Ms.

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Brown's love of Texas history inspires her to create true-to-life fictional characters from the past. She has written and published seven novels.

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The series chronicles the life of a young English woman that begins a new life in America at the turn of the century. In , she published Carson Chance, P. Having been a legal secretary during that time in Dallas, her eye for detail brings about a memorable life experience between two young people who are destined to find love a real challenge. It is not only available in paperback and e-books, but is now an audio book. After living and raising her family in Kalamazoo, Michigan for 20 years, she moved to Corinth, Texas where she lives with her husband, Jeff.

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Together they have four adult children and one perfect grandson. For the past twenty years Clemon Maddox has been working in the Telecommunications and Cable Industry and has gained prominence as an effective Business Leader. His love for writing was first given birth in high school when he wrote his first series of poems. Since that time Clemon has written more than poems. Clemon recently embarked on novel writing in and has written 17 fiction novels. It is a very compelling story that takes the reader on a journey that could only be born from the mind of his creative abilities.

Jane Austen Books Ranked from WORST to BEST!

Clemon is the type of writer that has a superb command of imagery and uses the allegory style of writing like an artist uses a paint brush. Watch how he will move you within each storyline that he develops. He writes Novella books that are fun, fascinating and easy to read. Life took a winding path for Jacqueline through the Army, college, over 20 years as a paramedic, education, and all the adventures in between. Meanwhile she continued to write until independent publishing called her. Bernhard currently supports writers world-wide as a literary agent for Loiacono Literary Agency, www. She is also the co-editor of several anthologies for the Houston Writers Guild.

Alan Bourgeois will be interviewing Rob Price to learn more about his books, what motivated him to create Gatekeeper Press and who his goals are for Independent Book Publishers Assoc.

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A true passion for the environment led her to begin working for an environmental science company, which is where she has been for the last several years. BB is married to Al H Denson and they have four daughters. She had no idea that life would take her in this direction, but she is enjoying the ride and hopes you are too.

With funny horrible at the time stories of what authors have done wrong and many tales of what they do right, Lorri will you give practical tips to look your best on camera, sound your best and how to get asked back again. IF you would have asked the younger Danielle A. Many of my childhood days were spent creating characters and writing short stories. Somehow, the love of writing was breathed into my soul at birth.

Really, I think that is what happened! That love took me into the world of television news at the tender age of eighteen. As my passion grew, so did my affection for everything about the news business, including the weather. Still to this day, when a good storm is brewing I get an itch to go stand outside and watch the thunder roll. For the past twenty-five years, Ian devoted his life to teaching and coaching high school and middle school athletes. A love of literature led him to Sam Houston State University where he played football and excelled in storytelling.

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Ian is a husband and proud father of three. Twitter can be frustrating and seem like a pointless waste of time unless you master a few simple rules. Independent author, Tui Snider, knows this firsthand. She made every mistake in the book with Twitter and was about to give up entirely when a helpful method suddenly clicked for her, and she got a paid monthly writing column - all through the power of a few tweets!

Andrew has been captivating readers both young and old with his colorful heart-felt stories which he draws from his own difficult childhood. Using Publication in Journals, Magazines, and Anthologies to Build Your Author Platform Synopsis: In this session, Fern Brady explores the myriad publishing opportunities in journals, magazines, and anthologies that authors can take advantage of. She provides tips for analyzing which ones are worth submitting to.

Then she provides step by step instructions on how to use publication in these to create social media campaigns and market yourself as an author to build up your following. Martha Miller is a former retail marketing executive turned freelance writer and essayist. Her personal essays and syndicated columns, Living Greenly and Living Online, have been published in regional publications across the United States. I'm a native Texan who can ride, shoot, and eat BBQ with the best of them. I'm also a huge science fiction, mystery, thriller, action movie, BBC Television fan.

I would LOVE to hear from you! Please send me a message thru the contact page. Teachers, librarians, home schoolers, readers, parents - give me a holler! It is presented by Misty Beller an author and an author coach. Learn more about the event at Authors. George W. Ramphrey was an educator for forty-three years.

Something Most Deadly

He served as teacher, coach and administrator during his career in Mississippi and Texas. Since his retirement, three years ago, he has published five books. They are available in paperback and Kindle e-Book formats. He has played in various successful bands in different genres throughout the South. He has served in several capacities in the Dallas Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution and served as President in and The founder and director of Texas Authors, Inc.

All three non-profits support Texas Authors. To learn more about TxAuthors, please visit their website TxAuthors. This fun weekend event is the only event where Authors can become certified in Marketing. A great way to learn how to better market yourself and your book s. She recently jumpstarted her retirement and launched her new career as the author of Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series in August, Since then, she has written 5 books in her series with a 6th being released soon.

Her hobbies include kickboxing, reading, cruising, yoga, and writing.

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Kena Sosa grew up in San Antonio, surrounded by the rich, vivid scenery of its unique culture. She is now a school librarian in Dallas, Texas. Scott Andrew James coaches authors and solopreneurs on finding their rocket fuel and transforming the way they communicate. More at CommunicationHacker. LaRee was born in Oklahoma. Her family moved to Texas when she was very young and Texas has been home ever since.

An avid reader from the time she could hold a book, as a child she penned many stories — some with new characters and tales, some innocently based on favorite books and the beloved characters therein. Walser is a retired public accountant in commerce and business administration with forty-five years of business experience. Throughout her professional career, she was the owner and manager of three successful businesses.

Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3) Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3)
Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3) Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3)
Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3) Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3)
Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3) Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3)
Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3) Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3)
Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3) Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3)
Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3) Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3)
Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3) Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3)
Something Most Evil (Jane Husted Series Book 3)

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