Welsh Executions

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United Kingdom Executions

Arthur Thompson. Jane Coulton. Karl Hulten. George Heath. Arthur Heys. Winifred Evans. Howard Grossley. Lily Griffiths girlfriend. Thomas Richardson. David Dewar. Joachim Goltz. Victim : Sergeant Major Wolfgang Rosterg.

Braveheart (1995) - The death of William Wallace (HD)

Ronald Mauri. Vera Guest girlfriend. Gerhardt Rettig. Emil Schmittendorf. John Riley Young. Frederick Lucas, Cissie Lucas. James McNicol. Donald Kirkaldie. Robert Blaine. John Ritchie. William Batty. Samuel Gray. Michal Niescior. Charles Elphick. Charles Prescott.

Sarah Young. Arthur Clegg. Jill Clegg granddaughter. Arthur Charles. John Duplessis. Marion Grondkowski m. Rueben Martirosoff. Henryk Malinowski. Harold Berry. Bernard Phillips. Martin Coffey. Henry Dutton.

Warrants executed across North Wales and Merseyside

Leonard Holmes. Peggy Holmes wife. Thomas Hendren. Ella Staunton girlfriend. Walter Clayton. Joyce Jacques girlfriend. Sydney John Smith. John Whatman. David Mason. Dorothy Mason wife. Neville Heath. Margery Gardner girlfriend , Doreen Marshall. Arthur Boyce. Elizabeth McLindon girlfriend.

Frank Freiyer. Joyce Brierley girlfriend.

Practice guide 8: execution of deeds

Arthur Rushton. Catherine Cooper girlfriend. John Mathieson. Mona Vanderstay. Stanley Sheminant. Harry Berrisford. Albert Sabin. Neil MacLeod. Walter Rowland. Olive Balchin. Harold Hagger Sidney Sinclair.

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Dagmar Petrzywalkski. Frederick Reynolds. Beatrice Greenberg girlfriend. Margaret Williams wife. Eric Briggs.

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  • The last execution in Wales!

Gertrude Briggs wife. William Smedley. Edith Simmonite.


John Gartside. Percy Baker, Alice Baker. Alec de Antiquis. Christopher Geraghty. Eugeniusz Jurkiewicz.

Emily Bowers.

Welsh Executions
Welsh Executions
Welsh Executions
Welsh Executions
Welsh Executions
Welsh Executions

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